Wednesday, August 1, 2012

About 紅玉(홍옥);Crimson Sphere

The name of my dog is "옥(玉;Ok)" which means "sphere".

About one years ago, another dog came to my house.
He wore white fur coat except his ears. I gave him a name and that was "홍이(紅耳;Hong Iee)"
which means "Red ears or Crimson ears". In Korean, the word "이" is also used as a suffix of a name.
Pronunciation of the "이" is same for a 이(耳;Ear). So although his name was "홍이", I called him "홍".
Actually, "홍" left me for another breeder after 2 days since he started living at my home.

The day he came to my place, I came up with a name for a my nickname and that was 홍옥(紅玉)
which means "Crimson Sphere". 

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